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Whether its achieving your desired design and presentation on Architectural, Structural or Interior design, we give you the best quality to achieve your company’s goal.

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At NAV’S Inc., you will experience unmatched quality and creativity at reasonable costs. The difference lies in our product excellence. You may contact us and one of our customer support will assist your needs.  We are pleased to help you on your company


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About Us

NAV’S Inc., has for its mission placing God above all its business transactions. It believes that ownership of properties is meant as stewardship in the context of God as the owner of all things. Everything belongs to Him and therefore, as stewards, they should give the best they could afford in securing, maintaining, and nurturing the things given to them for its growth and development.

Besides, rendering the best service to the people is its primordial objective. Quality of works, quality of materials, and quality of technology are the basic ingredients of a quality relationship to fellowmen most especially clients and customers of the corporation.

In short, NAV’S INC., has for its mission to establish a kind of a relationship between the corporation and the customers that is good and supported by the quality of its services and goods to customers.

Guided by these visions and missions, the business that Rod and Siony started grew in strength attracting buyers especially from his hometown Muntinlupa now a City. The tandem employed the best workers from the same place specializing in quality wrought iron furniture.

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